At Saltare Solutions we strive to significantly contribute to our clients’ success. We partner with companies to help them become more competitive and generate more revenue. We also help businesses understand and focus on the intangible assets such as human capital, intellectual property, innovation and thought leadership that play a critical role in their valuation. Below are a few examples of how we work with our clients. 

Case Study: How Assessing Intangible Assets Helped a Leading Restaurant Group Raise Capital and Improve Performance
Chef Case Study_FINAL.pdf
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Case Study: Unburdening Employees Leads to Higher Productivity, Increased Revenue and Client Satisfaction
AD Case Study 1 - Unburdening Employees
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Case Study: Showcasing "Intangible Assets" Propels a Company from Great to Greater
Case Study 7_AD .pdf
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Case Study: Communicating "Intangibles" Dramatically Increases Valuation for an Industrial Giant: It's Not Just About Financial Performance
Case Study 8_AD.pdf
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Case Study: Quicker Time to Market for Performance Updates Increases Client Satisfaction, AUM, and Productivity of Sales Staff
AD Case Study 3 - Automate Quarterly Per
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Case Study: Implementing Efficient, Effective Processes to Address Regulatory Constraints Keeps Trading Firm Afloat
AD Case Study 4 - Efficient and Effectiv
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Case Study: Feeder Program from Top Universities Generates Stellar Pipeline of Highly-qualified Candidates
Case Study 5_Feeder Program.pdf
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Case Study: Objective Research and Performance Reporting Increases Client Trust
AD Case Study 6 - Building Trust with Cl
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Case Study: Simplifying Trading for Investment Management Firm Leads to Greater Efficiencies
AD Case Study 2 - Trading for RIAs_Group
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