At Saltare Solutions we help drive business growth and improve company value by assessing, remediating and communicating an organization’s intangible assets. Our clients typically are in one of the following situations:

Improving Company Performance


   Solutions we provide: 

  • Intangible Capital Evaluation - the Saltare360 assessment tool provides a comprehensive diagnosis of a company's intangible assets, as well as an assessment of how intangible “capitals” interconnect to create value. Our team of valuation enhancement experts assesses, remediates, and tracks four key intangible assets:
    • Strategic Capital
    • Human Capital
    • Intellectual Capital
    • Market Capital
  • Remediation and Communication of Intangible Assets – the SaltareRMDY solution helps businesses fix issues uncovered during the assessment. Then, SaltareCOMM communicates the company’s value and sustainable competitive advantage out to the marketplace through thought leadership initiatives. 

Preparing to Sell the Company


      Solutions we provide:

  • Business Valuations – unlike most business valuations that only provide a snapshot of a company's historical performance, our SaltareValuation+ solution includes a thorough assessment of the intangible assets that can significantly impact a company’s future performance and growth. 
  • Remediation and Communication of Intangible Assets – the SaltareRMDY and SaltareCOMM solutions help businesses remediate issues uncovered during the valuation process, and then communicate the company’s value drivers.
  • Introductions to Potential Buyers – through our network of private equity, investment banking, commercial banking and other alternative lending firms, Saltare understands what types of businesses specific buyers are seeking, and can match these buyers to owners who want to sell their businesses.

Seeking Funding from Investors


     Solutions we provide:

  • Telling the Company's Compelling Story – Saltare assesses a company’s intangible assets and determines what the company is doing very well and potential areas for remediation. We then create a compelling  investment story in the forms of:
    • Branding and Messaging
    • Case Studies
    • Marketing Collateral
  • Introductions to Potential Investors – Saltare has a unique understanding of what types of businesses specific investors are seeking, and can match these investors with business owners looking for funding.