Understand your Intangibles. Unlock your company’s value.

With more than 87% of business value derived from intangible assets, it’s imperative to know what intangibles your company owns and to safeguard those assets. It’s also critical to recognize how those assets contribute to revenue, sustainability and, ultimately, to the company’s valuation. Therefore, businesses need to leverage and extract value from their intangibles to reduce the risks associated with not doing so. 


Saltare offers an array of consulting services to guide companies through the lifecycle of their intangible assets.

Our highly-experienced team of specialists brings together a wealth of experience in all phases of the process: 

·      Identify and assess the organization’s intangible assets

·      Protect and manage risks associated with those assets

·      Value the organization’s complete portfolio of assets with the Saltare Enhanced Valuation 

Intangible Asset Portfolio Assessment


We identify on- and off-balance sheet intangible assets and determine how these assets drive current and future economic and strategic value for the business.


The assessment provides an inventory of intangible assets and documents how these intangible “capitals” affect operations and interconnect to generate bottom-line outcomes.


The assessment phase answers questions such as:

  • Does the company have hidden value in its intangible assets?
  • Do we know which intangible assets positively impact our company’s performance?
  • Are we taking steps to adequately develop our intangible assets?


Risk Management



We detail proprietary assets in the company’s internal registry to establish chain of ownership for those assets. 


Building out the company’s portfolio of intangible assets ensures legal and non-legal protection, both domestically and internationally.


These steps decrease the potential risks associated with the assets and answers questions such as: 

  • Is our intellectual property secure?
  • Do we own our brand? 
  • With many of our employees working remotely, have we properly safeguarded our IP?
  • Has using open source software created a liability?
  • Do we have the right employee protections and agreements in place to safeguard our intangibles?

Saltare Enhanced Valuation



We ensure that documented intangible assets are included in the company’s traditional financial valuation.


The Saltare Enhanced Valuation combines a traditional financial analysis with an intangible asset evaluation, creating a complete representation of the company’s asset value. 


With the company’s full value unlocked, it is ready to tell its compelling story to the marketplace and to realize more favorable selling opportunities and funding options. The valuation phase answers the following questions: 

  • What is a fair price to pay for this company?
  • What are our intangible assets worth?
  • Have we communicated our intangible asset value to investors, potential buyers and stakeholders?
  • Should we invest in (or purchase) this company? 
  • Does this company have hidden value in its intangible assets?



“Intangible assets are the only assets that create value.”

- Baruch Lev, Philip Bardes Professor of Accounting and Finance at NYU