We identify, manage, protect and value intangible assets for privately-owned companies.


Today, more than 87% of business enterprise value is derived from intangible assets – including a company’s intellectual property (IP), such as patents, trademarks and copyrights, as well as trade secrets, proprietary software and R&D. These intangibles are the primary drivers of business performance, enterprise value and competitive advantage. 

Too often these intangibles are overlooked in business valuations and in company discussions with investors, potential buyers and stakeholders. Business owners and C-suite executives typically don't recognize or know how to value their company’s intangible assets - and are left with disappointing business valuations that fail to represent their complete asset portfolio. 


We exist to solve that problem. Saltare helps organizations identify, manage and protect their intangible assets. If you’re raising capital or selling your company, it’s critical to leverage intangible assets to increase business value and to make your company more attractive to investors and buyers. 

Additionally, we provide enhanced valuations that combine a financial analysis of an organization with an intangible asset evaluation. Together, these put a realistic value on the company's "complete" asset portfolio, closing the gap between what the business owner believes their company is worth and what the market will bear. 


With an enhanced valuation, the company’s full value is unlocked - and it is ready to tell its compelling story to the marketplace and to create more robust growth, more advantageous funding options and more favorable selling opportunities.


It’s important to know what intangible assets your company has and it’s equally important to know:

  • How those assets contribute to value, revenue and sustainability
  • How to leverage and position those assets to maximize and extract their value
  • How intangibles interact with company processes, procedures and operations to create efficiencies and produce competitive advantage